Rules & Regulations for booking Ground Floor Auditorium

  1. Application form for booking should reach to Vice-Principal Dr. M.R. Rajwade minimum 15 days before the requested date of the event. (In case the event is chargeable then please specify and contact Vice-Principal Dr. M.R. Rajwade immediately)
  2. Auditorium booking will be given only for One Act Play, School Annual Gathering, Cultural Programme, Seminar / Workshop & Film Show.
  3. The allotment of auditorium is entirely at the discretion of the Management.
  4. The auditorium charges shall be paid by the organizers in Cash only minimum fifteen days before the requested date of event. The receipt of same will be provided. Without the payment of rent and deposit the booking cannot be confirmed.
    The Hall booking & Refund of deposit will be done only on Tuesday and Friday between 10.00 a.m. & 12.00 noon in the Sathaye College Office.
  5. In the event of cancellation of the show by the party 50% of the full charges will be deducted from the Deposit / Rent as the administrative charges. For this purpose the party is required to submit an application along with the original receipt of payment.
  6. At the time of programme the applicant should produce their receipt of Auditorium booking and deposit, without this auditorium will not given for the programme.
  7. The distribution of relevant promotional material is permitted on the venue strictly two hour before the show. Please take prior permission from Vice-Principal Dr. M.R. Rajwade.
  8. A total of 163 seats are available to the party in the auditorium. However, five seats in the second row will be reserved for the management for every show. A total of nine stage lights, one podium with one mike are available in the auditorium. Stage size and Backdrop (“18 x 32”) & Stage Banner size (“10 x 4”). No other property is available.
  9. The security deposit of Rs.10,000/- to be paid in cash only should be accompanied by the details of the organizers while submitting the application.
  10. The security deposit will be refunded after 15 days from the Event date deducting due amount for the use of extra requirement, if any and amount on account of damage caused to any property or equipment of the college. Refund form for security deposit available on the web site.
  11. The booking of the auditorium allotted to a party is not transferable in any manner.
  12. If the show is cancelled due to any technical failure of the auditorium, the entire amount of deposit and rent paid shall be refunded to the party.
  13. The party should take all due care of the auditorium, sound room and the green rooms. In the event of any damage, during the period of show, the party will be held responsible and the fine will be levied accordingly.
  14. The party alone will be responsible for any damage to person/s or property. Also the party alone shall bear the costs and consequences of the same.
  15. Eatables and beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited within the auditorium.
  16. The management reserves the right of entering the auditorium during the time of the show.
  17. The management reserves the right of canceling the booking without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  18. The sound and light arrangement will be handed only by the staff appointed by the management.
  19. The cleanliness of the auditorium after the show will be entirely the responsibility of the party.
  20. The management reserves the right to amend, to improve and to frame new rules and regulations as and when required.
  21. The sticking of posters / banners on the auditorium wall is strictly banned.
  22. Display of only one big banner / poster in allotted place will be allowed. The stage and auditorium walls should NOT be spoiled in any way.
  23. No parking shall be allowed on the college ground unless specifically permitted.
  24. Use of the premises of the college other than the auditorium shall not be allowed unless specifically permitted.

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